Senior male technician instructing a junior female technician

Automation Technician Certificate Overview

Our interactive computer-based Automation program will expand the skills and knowledge of your staff.

The total cost of the Automation Technician Program is $1780 and includes;

  • USB based curriculum which contains the entire program
  • LogixSim is a suite of software products that provides “real world” laboratory simulation of electricity, electronics, robotics, and programmable logic controllers. It combines four simulators in one, and offers unlimited possibilities for the design, testing, and debugging of control devices and automated equipment as well as circuit schematics and systems. From the simplest control circuits to the most complex, LogixSim has the versatility to suit almost any requirement for real-world simulation. LogixSim features CircuitLogix, RoboLogix, PLCLogix, and 3DLab simulation products.
  • Web-based supplemental resources include additional learning materials, online discussions forums with access to our online tutor and tutorial questions, testing and videos, animations and images.
  • A dedicated toll-free line to reach our Support Center for unlimited tutorial and technical support, open 12 hours a day Monday – Friday and 7 hours on Saturdays.
  • A flexible system consists of 18 modules of curriculum allows the students to work at their own pace and take online exams when it's convenient and they are ready. Typically completion time is 32 weeks of part-time study; however, students with prior training, experience, education or more time allocated to the program may complete it in less time.
  • A Certificate of Completion is issued once the program is successfully completed.

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