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TTC Automated Train Control Soon to Be a Reality

April 16, 2018
graphic of subway train

TTC's decades-old subway trains, most which date from the 1970s, will soon be replaced with shiny new trains by 2020. However, it's not just the trains that are being replaced. Much like their counterpart the self driving car, a new automated signalling system that can run without human input will drastically improve the lives of Toronto commuters.

The Assembly Line is Dead: Custom Manufacturing is the Future

March 28, 2018
factory floor assembly line

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a radical shift from the mass production of near-identical products in the early days of Henry Ford. Rather than having “a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black,” today, people want to have products that are unique and reflect their personal tastes.

Humanoid Robots Are Becoming More Like Ninjas (and What This Could Mean for Us)

December 07, 2017
screenshot of a robot walking

You may have seen walking humanoid robots before, such as Honda’s ASIMO robot or Boston Dynamic’s Atlas. But with the latest developments in technology, today’s humanoid robots can do more than walk and pick up boxes—they can also perform backflips. Below is a viral video of a robot doing a backflip on YouTube:

Building Automation Experts in Demand

December 04, 2017
Graphic of a room

Building Automation Systems are the next step in the increase of automation in the workforce. It only makes sense to utilize technology in order to make the work of running a building or home a little easier. The numbers reflect the desire for it too.

The Rise of Canadian Automation Industries or The Return of Canadian Manufacturing Industries

November 16, 2017
robot used on food production

In spite of the uncertain fate of NAFTA, the world’s largest free-trade agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Canada’s tech sector continues to thrive. Some may point to the nation’s favourable immigration policies used to attract highly-skilled foreign workers, while others point to factors like infrastructure, political stability, or a favourable taxation climate as primary reasons for this boon. Whatever the case may be, Canada is becoming a world leader in tech.

Global Industrial Automation Market to Reach $179.3 Billion by 2025

November 15, 2017
image graphic

The automation industry is growing at a rapid pace, with the market predicted to expand even more so, within the next 10 years. As industries move toward and implement processes that align with robotics, automation is the clear way of the future. Industrial automation enables businesses to streamline their manufacturing and operation processes with accuracy and speed.

Demand increase for energy-efficient system leads to growing need for the automation

October 23, 2017
stylized image of a city skyline

Robotics and automation can seem inaccessible at times to the vast majority of the population. There is this illusion that it is kept separate from everyday people and limited to science labs or high-tech industries. This is not the case though, and there are a number of companies working on products that will bring automation to your own home. They are hoping to revolutionize the way people relate to their homes and make living more convenient and efficient for everyone.