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High Demands in Automation Technicians: Trends and Opportunities

August 18, 2023
Technician checking production line

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’re likely aware that many industries, especially manufacturing, increasingly rely on automation technologies. And while many workers fear the encroachment of automation on their livelihoods, the consensus is that automation will create new, lucrative roles for displaced workers to transition into. A technician will be needed for every robotic arm, light sensor, or system driven by automation to ensure things operate as they should.

Beyond the Conveyor Belt: Exploring Assembly Line Automation

June 14, 2023
explore components and approaches that makes line automation fascinating

If you were to stop and think of assembly line automation, images of an endless line of products thrumming along a series of conveyors will likely come to mind. And while conveyor systems are an integral part of any autonomous assembly line, they are but one important cog in an equally important wheel.

Automation's Impact on Hospitality

March 07, 2022
Interior of coffee shop with robot barista automation

Automation has spread across industries, promoting efficient work environments and helping businesses accommodate worker shortages. But one industry that’s really seen an uptick in automation is the hospitality industry. Automation in the hospitality industry is significantly increasing  in order to boost agility, address worker shortages, and heal businesses after a tough few years. 

The Rise of Canadian Automation Industries or The Return of Canadian Manufacturing Industries

December 10, 2021
manufacturing plant

With the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering within many industries across the world, the one industry that has seen an uptick in productivity is automation.

Why Industrial Automation is a Good Thing

October 01, 2021
automation technician monitoring control system

With industrial automation on the rise, many people are concerned about what this means for job security. While it’s true that automation and robots will replace some jobs across North America, automation will also increase more meaningful employment opportunities and even expand the economy. 

How Robotics Are Helping Change the Workforce

August 24, 2021
Robotic arms working

The recent challenges our world has been facing has provided an opportunity for robotics to become more involved in every aspect of automation. The pandemic, coupled with the increasing need to reduce carbon footprints, has shown how robots are changing the workforce and traditional work process. On top of that, the ongoing stresses being applied to global supply chains and workforce shortages have become a concern. 

How Robots Are Changing Distribution and Fulfillment Warehouses

July 13, 2021
Robotic arm carrying a box

“Winona” was facing a unique problem. She has been working as the Director of Sales and Operations of a local retail chain. They just launched their e-commerce site and because orders are flowing in, they have acquired two new fulfillment centers in the suburbs. Workers were divided into three shifts: preparing, packaging, and delivering customer orders from 6AM – 12AM. With the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, Winona had a dwindling workforce, but still saw a steep rise in online orders.